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Client Intake Packet

Download the Intake Forms

Please print off the forms, fill them out and bring them with you to your first appointment.

Note: A therapy “hour” consists of 50-minute sessions with the following 10 minutes for note taking and making following appointments. If you must cancel or reschedule, a 48 hour notice is required. If less than 48 hours notice is given, the full fee will be charged. If you have insurance, it will not cover missed appointments.

You will receive confidentiality with these exceptions: 1) if the therapist feels you are likely to inflict bodily harm on yourself or others 2) if you are suspected of, or are involved in child abuse or 3) you enter therapy for the purpose of planning or committing a felony. Other legal proceedings, competency hearings, etc., as well as your submission of a claim to your insurance company may require a therapist to release information.

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